Trapizio takes part in the SIG Campus opening party

he SIG Campus opening party was held on Saturday, 22 September 2018 in the Swiss location of Neuhausen. One of the aims of the festival, to which the public at large had been invited, was to dedicate the new square (Heinrich Moser-Platz), the recently opened restaurants and the new flats inside the rebuilt industrial high-rise building. The SIG Campus, which to date has been an enclosed industrial area, is now an open neighbourhood for working, living, learning and engaging in leisure activities. The campus is the corporate home of Trapeze and AMoTech, and the “Industrieplatz” bus stop serviced by Trapizio is located just in front of the premises. For this reason, the opening party was an ideal event to present the Swiss Transit Lab to the population – with Trapizio once again being at the centre of attention.

Just after noon, an official ceremony was held for the invited guests with five talks: Michel Rubli (Managing Director of SIG Foundation) started with a welcoming address, following by Christian Amsler (Chief Administrative Officer of the Canton of Schaffhausen), who did not hesitate to draw his audience’s attention to Trapizio, which at that very moment was stopping at the “Industrieplatz” bus stop. After the two following addresses by Dino Tamagni (Community Councillor of Neuhausen) and Roger Nicholas Balsiger (great-grandson of watch-maker Heinrich Moser), Peter Schneck, CEO Trapeze, rounded off the official part of the festivities with an address on behalf of the Swiss Transit Lab. He explained the Swiss Transit Lab to the guests, its purpose and aims, as well as how it is related to AMoTech and Trapeze. He also briefly presented the Route 12 project and expressed his special thanks to the population for showing their interest and confidence in autonomous mobility. Finally, he referred to the Trapeze and Swiss Transit Lab booths on the premises that were open to anyone interested in receiving more information on “Autonomous Mobility” and “Smart Cities”.

After the talks, the festival on the new SIG Campus was officially opened for the public. The exciting and varied festival programme with its numerous attractions, live music, street food and bars was a magnet for everyone both old and young. This unique event attracted more than 1,000 people. Both the Swiss Transit Lab and Trapeze had their own booths, which very many people visited. Among other things, the Swiss Transit Lab featured a game of dice where players could win different prizes. It was an enormous pleasure to see the interest of such a large number of people in Trapeze and the Swiss Transit Lab. Conversations focused on the Route 12 project and the self-driving vehicle, which was available to visitors for over seven hours during the festival to try out. A large crowd gathered around it waiting for their turn to board. The 11-seat Trapizio transported a record number of people on this single day: a total of 507 passengers travelled the route of 24 kilometres. Since having been officially integrated in the services of the transport authority of Schaffhausen (Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen, VBSH), Trapizio has moved over 15,000 passengers! All the Swiss Transit Lab’s representatives can be very proud of this accomplishment.

The positive opinion expressed by the population at large and evidenced by the first stage of the study conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH was widely confirmed during the event: People were enthusiastic about the self-driving vehicle, which has long become a famous sight throughout Schaffhausen and is also well-known farther afield. The positive feedback also showed that confidence in the Route 12 project and autonomous mobility is steadily growing. Everyone is looking forward to the day when the self-driving shuttle will go right down to the Rhine Falls. Until then, trials must still be made along the extended leg of the route and be programmed. We can’t wait for this to happen!

Peter Schneck (CEO Trapeze Switzerland) during his address on behalf of the Swiss Transit Lab to the invited guests before the start of the official festivities.
Visitors to the SIG opening festival queue up for a ride with Trapizio.
Also the Swiss Transit Lab booth attracted a large number of viewers. Topics related to autonomous mobility are discussed enthusiastically.