Mobility Lab at Rhine Falls

Located within 30 minutes reach of the exceedingly well connected Zürich Airport, at Rhine Falls is an extremely attractive site to visit for autonomous mobility specialists from all corners of the world. Road and transport ministries, urban and transport planners, transport associations and operators, politicians, professors and students can explore and experience self-driving vehicles at the Rhine Falls.


The Mobility Lab has been established to address various aspects of autonomous mobility:

  • AMoTech acquires the skills and competencies (and creates, based on them, an appropriate service package) needed to support the customers of Trapeze in setting up and executing their own projects and innovations involving self-driving vehicles.
  • Self-driving vehicles are integrated to Trapeze’s operations control backends. Thus, self-driving and regular vehicles can be dispatched together. This applies not only to fixed-route transport services, but to demand-response and taxi services as well.
  • The preconditions are defined and fulfilled to enable a self-driving vehicle to travel entirely without a driver (i.e. without accompanying person on board) which is not yet possible. Together with the competent authorities, the required compensatory measures are agreed and implemented. All the functions performed by the driver today are covered by technical measures or by processes involving interaction with the control room.
  • The absence of a driver on board will allow small vehicles to be operated profitably. This, in turn, will allow the introduction of flexible first/last mile services. Such services are defined and implemented in an operations control system, together with current and future Trapeze customers.
Rhine Falls Neuhausen