Services & Solutions

AMoTech offers newly developed solutions and services to transport companies engaged in the area of autonomous mobility.


Initially, the focus is on services enabling transport companies to perform their own pilot trials with self-driving vehicles on the basis of reasonable and controlled costs and schedules.

The projects executed in the mobility lab will enable AMoTech to acquire the capabilities and experience needed to offer services ranging from consulting and mentoring to carrying out complete projects for its customers.

From the start, AMoTech is providing the following services:

  • Feasibility studies for pilot operation of self-driving vehicles
  • Vehicle procurement: vehicle selection, contact with vehicle manufacturers
  • Authorisation process: establishment of applications, contact with licensing bodies
  • As more experience is gained, the range of services offered will grow in line with the maturity of the autonomous mobility community and the vehicles and components available.



As a result of the projects executed in the Mobility Lab, the solutions developed by AMoTech have already proven their suitability in daily field operation. Collaborating with vehicle manufacturers and transport companies, AMoTech designs the functions and processes required for safe driverless operations. It also integrates the required new vehicle components in the operations control system.

These solutions are tailored by AMoTech to enable novel forms of mobility. This includes fixed-route services, taxi services and the flexible first/last mile services that move passengers from the doorstep to the stop and back again. The respective requirements of these mobility services are fulfilled without limitations.