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Trapeze operations control system is ready for self-driving vehicles - successful integration by Bernmobil


Over the next three months or so, the public transport authority of Berne (Bernmobil) is to test the vehicle it has received from the French manufacturer EasyMile on the premises of its tram depot on Bolligenstrasse. On a test route without passenger transport, it plans to test not only the vehicle itself, but also its integration by AMoTech in the operations control system supplied by Trapeze. This system is used by the dispatchers of Bernmobil for monitoring and co-oordinating its entire fleet of busses and trams – and in the future also the automated vehicle. Once the official approval process has been completed, the vehicle is expected to enter service on public streets in the spring of 2019. “We are highly satisfied with the execution of the integration project for our EasyMile vehicle in the LIO operations control software of the Trapeze subsidiary AMoTech. We look forward to continuing our constructive collaboration in the further integration steps,” says Bernhard Riegel, Project Manager Self-driving Vehicles, Bernmobil. The public transport authority of Berne (Bernmobil) has been a loyal customer of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH for many years. The company uses numerous Trapeze products and is now embarking on the road to future mobility by applying this latest solution.

The Trapeze subsidiary AMoTech has implemented the module for integration of self-driving vehicles in the Trapeze fixed route operations control system and is refining it continuously. It currently allows self-driving vehicles from the manufacturers EasyMile and Navya to be integrated. Besides, development activities are also in progress with additional manufacturers whose vehicles are to be launched shortly. AMoTech GmbH is a completely owned subsidiary of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH.
It integrates self-driving vehicles in existing operations control systems and supports cities and public transport operators in implementing their autonomous mobility projects.“The enormous interest in our solutions and services has exceeded our highest expectations. We have even had to reject various enquiries just to maintain our sharp focus on developing the required software,” says Dominique Müller, Managing Director of AMoTech GmbH, happily. With its “Route 12” project in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, AMoTech integrated the world’s first self-driving vehicle in the fixed route services of a public transport operator – the public transport authority of Schaffhausen. (Further information about the project at

Also passengers stand to benefit substantially from this integration: Passenger information is fully available and can be displayed on all already existing channels: inside vehicles, at stops, in the internet and on Smartphones. In addition, transfers are protected from and to automated vehicles.

In a next step, the Trapeze demand-response solution is to be enabled to operate with self-driving vehicles. This would allow projects to be implemented for “first and last mile” demand-response services in order to seamlessly complement scheduled fixed route services.

Trapeze with its European headquarters in Neuhausen am Rheinfall is a global leader in the supply of comprehensive solutions for staff and vehicle dispatch, operations control, passenger information and ticketing. Its public transport solutions give consideration to all the requirements that a state-of-the-art operations management system is expected to satisfy. This allows Trapeze to offer public transport operators optimal deployment of human resources and vehicles, higher punctuality of services, modern ticketing and efficient fleet management. Travellers benefit from precise transfers as well as from real-time information at stops – both inside busses and trains as well as at home and at work.“We are very happy to see the strong market demand that exists for the competencies of our subsidiary AMoTech. Public interest in autonomous mobility as an element of Smart City concepts is currently very keen. This is an area where Trapeze has successfully secured a key position in the marketplace,” says Peter Schneck, CEO of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH.