Software Solution AVOC

The development of self-driving vehicles is a highly difficult challenge in itself: The development of sensors, the processing of the real-time data they generate, the identification of objects and their motions and intentions, the general and detailed planning of the vehicle’s trajectory and finally the transformation of all the decisions by control of the steering, propulsion, brake, light and other systems continues to offer ample material for basic research, whose results are continuosly being incorporated in the further development of prototype vehicles.

Automation of private traffic leads to more traffic, as the time today lost at the steering wheel can be utilised productively or regeneratively and even children and young people or senior citizens, who are not allowed or do not wish to drive a vehicle today, can have themselves moved by their vehicles from A to B.

It is therefore crucial that automation should in particular make public transport more efficient and cost-effective, allowing it to cover a larger portion of society’s mobility needs. For self-driving vehicles, this means that they are integrated in a control system in order to create novel mobility offerings.

Our software solution AVOC – Autonomous Vehicle Operation Centre – enables self-driving vehicles to be integrated in the operations control systems of Trapeze (and other manufacturers), either for regular scheduled services or for geographically flexible demand response services.



AMoTech - AVOC

The software solution AVOC serves as a bridge between the background systems of vehicle manufacturers and an ITCS control system. This includes real-time operation with integration in an existing ITCS control centre and in passenger information systems, as well as integration with background systems for providing data (e.g. data processing) and capturing data (e.g. business intelligence or video data). With the aid of AVOC web applications, additional functions and information designed specifically for operating self-driving vehicles become accessible.

AVOC is a cloud-based software solution with support for installations in public and private clouds as well as the possibility of an on-premise cloud installation. In order to meet new and future requirements as quickly as possible, the software solution AVOC has been designed as a modular and scalable system. 


AVOC Attendant Web Application

AMoTech - AVOC Attendant Web Applikation

The AVOC Attendant Web Application is an optional component that can be used by attendant persons in automated vehicles. Among other features, it offers the possibility of assigning a vehicle to a block, allowing communications with an ITCS operations control centre and enabling basic monitoring of a self-driving vehicle.


AVOC Control Centre Web Application

AMoTech - AVOC Control Centre Web Applikation

The AVOC Control Centre Web Application is an optional component that can be used by dispatchers in an ITCS control centre. It offers the possibility of integrating functions of self-driving vehicles within the shortest of times in an existing ITCS control centre. This includes the display of additional information specifically for automated vehicles, as well as the possibility of active functions on the vehicles. 

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