AMoTech supports transport operators as well as cities and municipalities in carrying out their own pilot tests with self-driving vehicles at manageable costs and according to schedule. 

AMoTech's services range from consulting through to the complete execution of a project with automated buses. The experience and knowledge gained from projects already carried out (STL, references) directly benefit subsequent customer projects. 

Together with vehicle manufacturers and transport operators, AMoTech designs functions and processes for safe driverless operations. The components to be installed in the vehicle are incorporated into existing control centres. 

The practical solutions are suitable both for Trapeze control systems and for control systems from other manufacturers. 

All operational requirements are tailored to customer needs. This includes:

  • Fixed-route service, operation according to a timetable on a predefined route
  • Demand response, operation on request in a specified zone
  • Taxi operation on request in a freely selectable zone
  • First/last-mile, expansion of public transport through access to door-to-stop connections

Feasibility study

It is important for transport operators, cities or municipalities to be open to the future and not to shun the latest technologies and developments. The main trends in mobility – "autonomous driving", "electromobility" and "sharing economy" – will significantly change transport as we know it today. New providers will gain market share and upset the familiar market division. 

However, transport operators, cities or municipalities can actively prepare for these changes. The government, the population and employees can confront the new topics and gain experience through their own projects. They can help shape the future and steer change in a direction that is optimal for them.

A feasibility study is the perfect tool for assessing the underlying conditions of your own pilot project. The project idea is examined and evaluated, and the most important information for the pilot test is collected:

  • Evaluation of pilot route, including test track
  • Evaluation of vehicles
  • Rough operating concept
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Preliminary clarification in terms of approval
  • Provisional project schedule
  • Budget

The results of the feasibility study form the basis for project implementation

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Project implementation

All phases of a pilot test with self-driving vehicles are implemented in a project. From conception to implementation, e.g. live operation in the control centre, all project steps are worked through. Customers can benefit from three service packages from AMoTech:

  • Full responsibility for the project
  • Project support
  • Consulting

The results of the feasibility study are used as the basis for project implementation. The following is a sample list of the project work for a pilot test:

  • Completion of a pilot route concept
  • Preparation of application (approval) for pilot test
  • Requirements specification for vehicle acquisition management
  • Conclusion of contract and order
  • Production, delivery and acceptance of the self-driving vehicle
  • Test on the test track
  • Application for vehicle approval
  • Trial operation on the pilot route

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Enhancement of control centre with self-driving vehicles

Operations control systems have been controlling public transport for decades – they are the heart of all operational processes in a transport company. All information on public means of transport is collected in the control centre to allow operational decisions to be made. The drivers of buses and trams report things of note or requests to the control centre, where the dispatcher can take the right steps.

In the case of driverless vehicles, all information that in the past was transmitted by the driver to the control centre must now be sent automatically.

Using AMoTech's "AVOC" (Automated Vehicle Operations Centre), all relevant information from self-driving vehicles reaches the control centre. The dispatcher can analyse all data from the vehicle at the control centre and draw the right conclusions.

This solution works for all Trapeze control centres as well as for all control systems from third-party manufacturers. Thanks to AMoTech's solution, there is no need for the transport operator to expand its control centre. All additional information from the autonomous vehicles can be displayed on the existing infrastructure.