New autonomous shuttle arrived in the new PT-Lab in Neuhausen


Last week the time had finally come to welcome our first autonomous shuttle bus on our premises in Neuhausen. In the future, it will not only be the parking space for our self-driving bus, but also the new location for the “Mobility Lab at the Rhine Falls” of the Start-up AMoTech. The new company is designed to research and promote autonomous mobility with different partners.

In order to share the joy with the employees of AMoTech and the parent company Trapeze, an internal informative event was held just after the day the bus had arrived. Peter Schneck (CEO Trapeze), Bruno Schwager (Director VBSH) and Dominique Müller (Director AMoTech) shared their visions of autonomous mobility and the future of the Open-air Lab Neuhausen. The highlight of the event was the exposure of the wrapped bus. It was an exciting moment for all employees when they were allowed to explore the details of the new bus.

The event closed with everyone enjoying a BBQ together. Needless to say that the hot topic was AMoTech and the autonomous Bus.

Here you can find out why AMoTech and Trapeze are so closely related: 
About AMoTech

Stay tuned to know how the story continues.

Bruno Schwager, Peter Schneck, Dominique Müller, Christoph Schärrer
Autonomous shuttle AMoTech GmbH