Trapizio now officially in service in public streets!


At last the time has come: Since Tuesday, 27 March 2018, Trapizio has officially been integrated in the regular services of the public transport authority of Schaffhausen VBSH. To communicate this milestone and to celebrate this special occasion, a media conference is being held today in Neuhausen am Rheinfall.

The press conference is scheduled to start at 1 pm. The venue: the hospitable vaulted cellar of a brewery. Numerous media representatives from the German-speaking countries have come. None of the guests knows really what to expect today. But Trapizio, parked outside in front of the brewhouse, knows exactly what is planned for today. In a brief and high-spirited address, Trapeze CEO Peter Schneck with VBSH Director Bruno Schwager at his side welcome all the people who have come to the event. He asks Patrick Schenk, Managing Director of the Office for Regional and Site Development, to inform the guests about the Swiss Transit Lab and its focus on the “Line 12” project. Then AMoTech Managing Director Dominique Müller announces that from today, you may see Trapizio permanently travelling through the public streets. A live demonstration shows the people who have gathered how Trapizio is integrated and displayed in the VBSH operations control system. The journalists are particularly attentive during this part of the presentation – with a hunch that just maybe they will be privileged to take part in Trapizio’s first official trip in public streets. Patrick Schenk presents the first results of the acceptance study conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH, in which as many as 1400 persons have already taken part who approve trial runs with self-driving vehicles and believe the project in Neuhausen is meaningful. The presentation is closed with some important information provided by Bruno Schwager on the Trapizio’s integration in regular public transport services. Among other things, the media representatives learn how the attendants travelling on board Trapizio are recruited and what their duties are. Moreover, the schedule of Trapizio is explained.

After a brief round of questions and answers, everyone goes outside to Trapizio, where Bruno Schwager and Peter Schneck affix the number plate to the vehicle. Needless to say that none of the media representatives on site would ever have wanted to miss this moment, shooting numerous pictures of the unique scene. Even passers-by stop spontaneously, thrilled by the moment, which they record with their handsets. Then Trapizio moves to the “Zentrum Nord” stop bay a little less than 100 metres away, accompanied by an attendant recruited and trained by VBSH – but still without passengers – where the next highlight is waiting: A red satin ribbon has been strung in front of Trapizio. The first journalists board the automated vehicle full of expectations, ready for the first official trip. The four representatives of the Swiss Transit Lab – Peter Schneck, Dominique Müller, Patrick Schenk and Bruno Schwager, each holding a pair of scissors – simultaneously cut through the red ribbon. Trapizio is now officially part of the regular public transport services of VBSH! During this unique moment, what feels like thousands of photographs are shot. Trapizio now moves on to the next stop – exactly as scheduled! After all the invited guests have enjoyed a ride and several interviews have been held with the Swiss Transit Lab people, everyone returns to the brewhouse to drink to this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Everyone involved in this project may rightly be proud of this milestone that has been reached! It has been a successful and unforgettable day during which autonomous mobility has made yet another major stride forwards. Now we are filled with excited anticipation of the first experiences that Trapizio gathers in regular scheduled public transport services.

For the timetable of Line 12 and additional information about the project, go to:

Dominique Müller shows during the live demonstration how Trapizio is integrated in the operations control system of VBSH.
Peter Schneck and Bruno Schwager proudly affix the number plate to the self-driving vehicle.
The four Swiss Transit Lab representatives cut through the red satin ribbon band, thereby launching the first official trip.
Trapizio is now integrated in the urban route network of VBSH, making daily scheduled trips.