Trapizio has now moved his 5000th passenger!


Since the end of March Route 12 is officially integrated into the regular service of Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen (VBSH). Since then, the self-driving shuttle is making its rounds in the center of Neuhausen - always occupied with a trained attendant. On weekdays (Monday to Saturday) the route is operated for four hours and on Sundays and public holidays for eight hours.

Monday, 4 June: Today is the day that Route 12 will have transported its 5,000th passenger. A tremendous result considering that the self-driving shuttle has not been in service in public streets for more than ten weeks. At 1 pm Trapizio and a number of AMoTech and VBSH representatives receive the local media people invited to this special event at the stop “Zentrum Nord”. At this point of time, Trapizio has not yet fully 5,000 passengers on its counter, so everyone is asked for a bit of patience. Some passengers board and a first round is made. But then the moment has come at last: Back at the stop “Zentrum Nord”, the counter is just 2 passengers short of the 5,000 mark! Everyone is waiting excitedly for the moment they will arrive to fill the gap, when at last two nice ladies board the Trapizio. They are amazed to be greeted by a bunch of flowers and to suddenly be in the spotlight. As the two passengers are sisters, they decide to share the gift...

The interest expressed by the population in connection with autonomous mobility is huge. Since the end of March the self-driving shuttle has so far been in service for a total of about 330 hours. This translates into a transport capacity of Route 12 of 15.6 passengers per hour – even before summertime has started! The peak value for passengers transported on a single day is 270 (Easter Monday). It’s expected that around 2,000 passengers per month will be traveling in the future and that the number of passengers will increase in the summer months - due to the influence of the Rhine Falls tourism.

The 5'000th Passenger on Route 12 has been found: The VBSH is pleased to present a gift to celebrate this special event.