Trapizio has moved over 20,000 passengers!


Trapizio, which has been in service since the end of March this year, recently passed a remarkable limit: It has moved over 20,000 passengers on Route 12 in charming Neuhausen am Rheinfall. This translates into an average transport capacity of 2,500 passengers per month or 90 per day. The day’s record remains at stupendous 507 passengers – an amazing performance considering the fact that Trapizio has been travelling through the streets of Neuhausen for just under 9 full months. This suggests that interest in what is going on in connection with Route 12 and the self-driving shuttle is very keen.

Since Trapizio has been making its rounds in the streets of Neuhausen, more than 100 trips have also been made outside the regular scheduled times with interested visitors from all over the world. These guests included the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, and reporters from three international television stations: CNN (US), BBC (UK) and RAI UNO (Italy).

Since the vehicle continues to attract so much attention, the decision has been made to continue services also during the wintertime. This would allow additional insights to be gained, for example into the behaviour of the vehicle under snow conditions. Winter tyres have been mounted and Trapizio continues to warmly welcome all passengers.

A very eventful and successful year is drawing to a close for Trapizio and the Swiss Transit Lab!

Now we look forward to the coming year!

The day's record was set at the SIG Campus opening party: A fabulous 507 passengers were carried.