Trapizio - This time as guest in Dresden


Trapizio – home again

Trapizio has now arrived back home in Switzerland after a journey that lasted altogether seven days. The autonomous vehicle visited two European cities in succession, namely Dresden and Prague. Slowly but surely, Trapizio is becoming famous on an international scale, which is something to be proud of. This blog now takes a look at the recent adventures with a detailed report.

Day 1:  On the evening of Friday 1st of September, Trapizio is loaded onto the transporter for the journey to Dresden, which will take about 9 hours.

Day 2-3: On Saturday, 2nd of September, Trapizio arrives in Dresden, the beautiful state capital of Saxony. It is unloaded directly on the company premises of Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe where it can rest for the whole weekend before beginning an exciting but also intensive week.

Day 4: This is the start of a week in which Trapizio will be constantly in the limelight. As part of the three-day customer event being organised by the parent company Trapeze together with Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe and Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO), Trapizio is woken early in the morning of Monday, 4th September. The route that has been defined on the premises of Trachenberge tram station has to be measured, driven and programmed by an engineer from the vehicle manufacturer. Trapizio runs up and down the approx. 200 metres long route several times in manual mode so that its state-of-the-art sensors can take note of the course and its surroundings. It takes about 8 hours to complete the procedure. Trapizio has been programmed with a corresponding map featuring two fictive stops and is now ready to receive more than 200 visitors who are associated with local public transport, and to run autonomously on the route. The event lasts right into the late evening, with guests treating themselves to one or even several test trips. They are thrilled with our Trapizio's autonomous capabilities. As could be expected, time again it is put to the test when daring individuals put themselves in the path of the moving vehicle to see whether it really can stop in time on its own. After repeated challenges, the guests realise that Trapizio detects all possible hindrances (even a rubber ball) and comes to a halt.

Day 5:  On Tuesday, 5 September, a press conference is held on the premises of DVB. Several cameramen are present and can't wait to get to the bus – even before the opening speech has finished – to take as many good pictures as possible. After the opening speech, the first journey is reserved for the board members. So many press representatives have gathered around the vehicle that Trapizio has to keep stopping and blowing its horn so that they make way. It goes without saying that all the invited journalists also have a chance for a ride with the autonomous whiz kid. As on the previous day, today there's another special guest to put the electric bus to the test. DVB mascot Leo stands in the path of the bus. Trapizio stops. After many test trips and numerous interview sessions with the board members, the day eventually comes to a close also for Trapizio.

Day 6: Today is Wednesday, 6 September. This is Trapizio's last day in Dresden. From 8 in the morning until midday, Trapizio does a few more test trips every half-hour on the DVB premises. This time the passengers are all DVB employees who had been invited to take their turn at sitting in Trapizio before the vehicle then continues on its journey. Although the morning is actually intended just for employees, 2 kindergarten groups are also lucky enough to have a ride in the autonomous vehicle. The children are beside themselves with excitement, particularly when they realise that Trapizio runs in both directions.  At half past twelve, the vehicle's time in Dresden has finally come to a close. The transporter takes Trapizio back on board again to continue the journey to Prague.

To be continued ………………


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Thank you very much to the DVB AG for providing the pictures.

Source: DVB AG

* Directors from left to right: Peter Schneck (CEO Trapeze Switzerland GmbH), Andreas Hemmersbach (Vorstand für Finanzen und Technik Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG), Burkhardt Ehlen (Geschäftsführer Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe GmbH), Michael Harig (Landrat Bautzen und Vorsitzender des Zweckverbandes Oberelbe) und Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain (Bürgermeister für Stadtentwicklung, Bau, Verkehr und Liegenschaften Dresden)

Trapizio on the terrain of the DVB
Trapizio with Leo, the mascot of DVB
Trapizio with the directors and mascots Leo *
Inside Trapizio