Trapizio attracts much attention in Berlin


Trapizio, the autonomous bus of AMoTech, makes its first long trip. For a presentation, it travelled to Berlin at the end of July. Trapizio is being borrowed by the public transport authority of Berlin (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, BVG) for a presentation to a large audience in Berlin on Monday, 31 July as part of a project.

Just before the end of the month, Trapizio left its home in the Swiss town of Neuhausen at Rhine Falls in the direction of Berlin. No, of course we don’t let our beloved bus drive to Germany’s capital on its own at a speed of 25 km/h – we are not at this point (yet). It made its journey on a transporter.

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) extend a very warm welcome to their autonomous guest. BVG is a long-standing customer of Trapeze, the parent company of AMoTech. They borrowed the AMoTech bus for a special occasion: Starting in 2018, they aim to launch a project in which autonomous busses operate on the campus of the University Clinic Charité. They find Trapizio to be the ideal solution for such a visionary approach. During a trial run on the campus, autonomous mobility was demonstrated on the basis of a concrete example. So, once again our AMoTech bus takes center.

Fully in line with the event, Trapizio is “decorated” by BVG with additional stickers. As the basic colours of the bus and those of the event organiser are similar, it was possible to create a unified and appealing look. On Wednesday, 2. August, the bus then returned safely to Neuhausen.

In the future, autonomous vehicles stand to play an eminent part in the field of public transport. With this event in Berlin, Trapeze and its subsidiary AMoTech show just how important good consulting services and support are in pilot projects. Whether feasibility studies or vehicle selection are involved, AMoTech supports transport companies both large and small. We cannot wait to know where the next trip will take us!


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Berliner Zeitung: (IT-News für Profis)


Trapizio on his trip to Berlin
Trapizio at the Berliner Charité
Trapizio in his BVG outfit