Route 12 - The first one and a half years in numbers


Route 12 with its self-driving shuttle in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland, has achieved a lot since its initiation in March 2018. Below, a few interesting facts and figures on the operation.

Since the beginning of 2019 exactly 14'045 passengers have been transported on Route 12. Together with the previous year, a total of about 35’000 passengers have used the shuttle since initiation in March 2018. Owing to a mild spring, May 2019 has been the busiest month with a record of 2’622 passengers.

Since January 2019 the self-driving vehicle has run a total of 2’515 kilometers. Since commissioning, this results in a total of around 6’000 kilometers.

In its second year of operation, the shuttle has been on track for 792 hours, amounting to 2’000 hours in total since commissioning.

These figures are impressive considering Route 12 being operational for merely 1.5 years.

Next Steps
Currently, AMoTech is preparing - together with the Swiss Transit Lab representatives - the next phase of future mobility. In 2020 a new project (Route 13) including first and last mile applications shall be launched.