Robotics Summer Camp visits AMoTech


As part of the four-day Robotics Summer Camp of go tec!, some 40 children paid a visit to AMoTech on Thursday, the 11th of July 2019, in order to get an insight into the world of Mobility of Tomorrow. On a trip on Route 12 with the self-driving minibus, they gained a first-hand experience of the future of mobility.

The four-day Robotik Sommer Camp organized by the go tec! foundation in Schaffhausen is all about schoolchildren engaging with technology, in this case robotics, in a playful way, allowing them to recognise their own strengths and inclinations. Children and adolescents can thus grasp technical topics and come to understand them better. The Trapeze subsidiary AMoTech, which deals with the technology of tomorrow on a daily basis, was a natural part of the summer camp programme.

Over fourty youngsters aged between 11 and 15 joined AMoTech in the early morning on the SIG campus in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, where also go tec! is located. Right at the beginning, the participants were split into two groups, so that the programme was held alternately in two parts.

Accompanied by AMoTech Project Manager Tobias Vonarburg, the eager camp participants enjoyed a ride on Route 12 with the self-driving shuttle from Industrieplatz down to the Rhine Falls basin. Before and during the trips, Tobias explained the working principle of the vehicle and the peculiarities of the route.

The second part of the excursion took place in a classroom atmosphere on the Trapeze premises. Using images and videos, AMoTech Managing Director Dominique Müller took the visitors on a journey into the future. The young guests were offered the opportunity to develop their own personal ideas about the world which they would like to live in later on. Needless to say that the main focus in this was on how self-driving vehicles are likely to shape our world and people’s lives.

The outing was well received and lots of questions were asked, proof enough that the young camp participants had a very keen interest in the subject. It was a highly eventful and thrilling morning that offered the youngsters a lot to think about. And who knows – the AMoTech or Trapeze might in a few years’ time welcome one or the other of the young talents as a new employee!