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After presenting the autonomous shuttle to our and the of AMoTech employees yesterday, 4 July 2017,  the next big event took place. At a large press conference, we presented our new driverless bus to the public.

Before looking at the details of the press conference, I wish to mention with great pride that our “baby” now has a name. We found it through a prize game with the employees of AMoTech, Trapeze and VBSH. After looking at all the super and highly creative proposals, we finally settled for “Trapizio”, the new name of our first autonomous shuttle.

Now back to the topic: Our press conference. We, which in this case means AMoTech, Trapeze, VBSH and the Economic Promotion Canton of Schaffhausen, invited both the local media and the supraregional trade media to this press conference, as well as partners and sponsors. Some 50 attendees followed our invitation to the Mobility Lab in Neuhausen.

Peter Schneck, CEO of Trapeze, opened the media conference with his presentation. He pointed out that Trapeze wants to meet the challenges of the future mobility in a PT-Lab at the location of the Trapeze in Neuhausen at the Rhine Falls. Crucial for the choice of location was, besides that the European headquarter of Trapeze is located here, the numerous of supporting partners like Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen and Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich and the extraordinary facilitation by the canton of Schaffhausen. Trapeze aims to establish the AVLC control system as core intelligence of the future mobility. The AVLC will be the control center of the traffic of the future, similar to a control center for air monitoring, the AirTower. Trapeze wants to create an industry solution for public transport together with its partners.

In the second presentation, the delegate of the Economic Promotion Office of the canton of Schaffhausen, Christoph Schärrer, showed why the Mobility Lab and the issue of autonomous driving are so important for the canton and therefore worth promoting.

Bruno Schwager, Director of VBSH, held the third presentation. As one of the AMoTech partners and a co-initiator of the “Route 12” project, it was important to Bruno Schwager to highlight the following points:

  • “For us, this bus is not merely a test object. We want to achieve something for the entire industry.”
  • “In the future, self-driving vehicles are likely to allow routes that have been covered so far or were unprofitable to be operated at reasonable cost.”
  • „The project does not jeopardise any jobs – quite the opposite is true, for it even creates new ones.”

Last, not least, it was our turn. Dominique Müller, our Managing Director, presented the Mobility Lab at the Rhine Falls. He also mentioned how we plan to develop the Mobility Lab and autonomous shuttle operation in the future.

The theoretical was followed by the practical part. On the SIG premises here in Neuhausen, Trapizio was ready to familiarise the visitors from the press conference with the practice of autonomous driving. On a closed-off trial run, Trapizio showed how autonomous driving works on virtual railways and how it is capable of changing its direction and making turns on its own.

One attendee put our autonomous shuttle to the test and stood right on the track of the shuttle. Trapizio recognised her as an obstacle, stopped immediately, and started hooting to draw attention. This easily proofed that you can rely on our autonomous shuttle Trapizio! This action made a great impression on the audience and cleared many doubts concerning safety.

At the end of our successful event, all visitors were invited to the showroom of Trapeze for a reception. To give the attendees an idea of how autonomous vehicles are integrated in an AVLC, a Trapeze employee was pleased to present and explain the LIO control system.

The event turned out to be a great success for us. We take this opportunity to thank all participants once again for coming. Below this article you can find the responses of the media. We wish you a lot of fun browsing through the reports! See you soon on the next blog entry.


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Our autonomous shuttle Trapizio
Trapizio during his test drive on SIG-Areal
Stop "Halle 1"
Bruno Schwager im Interview
Peter Schneck giving an interview
Trapizio at the stop "Bellevue"