Media café: Swiss Transit Lab introduces itself

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Thursday, 1 February 2018. An update is available today from Trapeze in Neuhausen: The Swiss Transit Lab is being introduced, with a focus of the project “Route 12”. The relevant information is announced at a media café, to which especially local media have been invited. All this comes with a media release here.

In the late morning, the media people start arriving at the SIG premises. Trapizio parked in front of the entrance to the Trapeze building greets the guests. The journalists and photographers who have been invited go straight to the presentation room, where the media café is to be held. Trapeze CEO Peter Schneck explains what Trapeze can contribute to meeting tomorrow’s mobility needs. Dubbed “Smart City“, the global company develops and supplies solutions for intermodal and autonomous mobility. Bruno Schwager, Director of VBSH, explains the strategy of the public transport authority of Schaffhausen. Patrick Schenk, Managing Director of the regional and site marketing office of Schaffhausen, provides initial information on the new Swiss Transit Lab. The partners involved include the regional and site development office of the Canton of Schaffhausen; the public transport authority of Schaffhausen; AMoTech and Trapeze. AMoTech Director Dominique Müller tells the media representatives which milestones the project has already reached since being presented for the first time to the public in July 2017. Using an animation, he shows how Trapizio is integrated into the fixed route operation and synchronized with the vehicles of Routes 1 and 6.

After the almost one-hour press conference, everyone goes outside again to photograph and film Trapizio (which is still parked in front of the entrance) and to hold interviews with the staff of the Swiss Transit Lab.

A short time after the media café, Trapizio must move. It is now going to the public transport authority of Zürich, from where another update is to follow next week.

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Peter Schneck welcomes everyone with a talk about “Mobility of the Future”
Bruno Schwager presents the strategy of the public transport authority of Schaffhausen.
Patrick Schenk explains in his presentation the Swiss Transit Lab and its goals.
Dominique Müller shows how the automated vehicle drives along the route.
Trapizio (line 12) at the rendez-vous with the vehicles of the line 1 to and from Schaffhausen.