CNN visits Trapizio!


Thursday, 7 June: Today is yet another great day for the self-driving Shuttle Trapizio and the representatives of Trapeze, AMoTech, VBSH and the Canton of Schaffhausen. In connection with the “Formula-E” racing spectacle to be held in Zürich on 10 June 2018, the news station CNN wishes to shoot a short story about Trapizio in Neuhausen for its program “Supercharged.” This broadcast focuses not only on the Formula-E race itself, but also on electrical mobility in general. As Trapizio is 100% electrically powered, and in addition travels automated, a story about Route 12 of the public transport operator of Schaffhausen – VBSH – appears to be a must in the program, which is broadcast on a monthly basis.

Towards 2 pm, the camera team and the moderator arrive in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Trapizio and its representatives welcome the very likeable film team from the UK. First of all – before Trapizio is demonstrated in action – we take the team on a short trip to the Rhine Falls in order to shoot an introduction against the spectacular backdrop of the Rhine Falls. Then we return to the entrance of the Trapeze premises, from where Trapizio takes us to the stop “Bellevue” for shooting the first scene together: The CNN moderator Nicki Shields greets the CEO of Trapeze Switzerland, Peter Schneck, and both board the self-driving bus together with the cameraman and the producer. This is where the interview then takes place. During almost an hour, they travel a few rounds together through the centre of Neuhausen, discussing automated driving and electro mobility, the “Route 12” project, plans for the future and of course Trapizio itself. After the interview, the team goes on to take more pictures inside and outside the automated bus. At 4:30 pm, we say goodbye to our guests, who are returning to Zürich to report on the Formula-E racing spectacle. A very thrilling and special visit for everyone thus ends.

And now we can’t wait to see the program, which CNN will broadcast at the end of June!

Nicki Shields and Peter Schneck greeting each other at the beginning of the shoot.