AMoTech already three months of age: what has been achieved?


Remarkable how time flies. It is already three months since AMoTech GmbH was founded to plunge into the world of autonomous mobility with its own autonomous vehicle and to test new forms of local public transport. A lot has already happened in this short time. That's probably why these three months have simply flown by. Trapizio, AMoTech's pride and joy, has been up to its ears (or sensors!) in work since its very first press conference in July. This blog post gives our key player a chance to speak. Trapizio will give us a brief look at all that has already been achieved in these three exciting months:

It is my great pleasure to give a brief review in this blog post (which, by the way, this is an absolute first for me). It has already been mentioned above that as a subsidiary of Trapeze, we are very pleased to have achieved a great deal in this short period of time:

I have already attended three press conferences, one in Neuhausen/Switzerland and one each in the German cities of Berlin and Dresden. In this sort of situation, I am always in the limelight and the focus of attention rather than just an extra in the background, and I enjoyed these events even though they were always very intensive. I was really impressed how many press representatives came each time. The positive effect is of course that this gave me great international press exposure in various media, including daily newspapers, online publications, magazines, etc.

I can also report another pleasing fact, which is that at the Neuhausen site alone I have already taken more than 100 interested visitors from all over the world for around 25 test runs on our private premises right next to the beautiful Rhine Falls basin. If we add the cities of Berlin, Dresden and Prague to the statistics, we reach a total of more than 1,000 visitors from the political and industrial sectors as well as transport service providers who saw me 'live' and were able to come on a demonstration run.

The fact that I have already been seen out and about in various cities has triggered a dramatic increase in enquiries for more demonstration runs on an international scale. This makes me extremely proud, as it shows just how absolutely topical 'autonomous mobility' really is in today's highly advanced technological world, indicating the major role it will play in the near future.

Dominique Müller, Peter Schneck & Roland Schneider
My first appearance at the employee event
My first press conference
My visit in Dresden