Dominique Müller – Managing Director

Before being appointed as managing director of AMoTech, Dominique distinguished himself within the Trapeze organisation as development manager for the “iBus System” in London. After it was commissioned in 2007, as an innovator and most recently as director of innovation, he conceived various modules and subsystems and launched their development.

Before this, at Nokia Ventures in Helsinki, Dominique was in charge for the development of the backend system for mobile television based on a purpose-developed standard DVB-H, and represented Nokia’s interests in the standardisation teams for mobile broadcasting of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB).

Dominique earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich and a post-graduate diploma as Technology Entrepreneur from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).


Roland Schneider – General Manager

Roland Schneider, an experienced financial expert, is the chief financial officer of Trapeze Central Europe. As CFO and member of the management board of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH, he is in charge of the finances of all Trapeze affiliates in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Roland has accumulated years of experience in the field of financial management. After completing the School of Higher Vocational Education in Zurich and then a business administration training program beside his day-to-day work, he graduated in 2001 from the University of St. Gallen and the University of California, Berkeley with an Executive MBA in Business Engineering.