About Us

About Us

AMoTech is a wholly-owned affiliate of Trapeze Switzerland, the innovative leader in the field of integrated public passenger transport solutions. AMoTech develops services and solutions for autonomous mobility, from which all Trapeze Group companies benefit.

Trapeze is a globally leading provider of public urban passenger transport solutions. The companies forming the Trapeze Group provide cutting-edge software, smart transport systems and mobile technologies to public transport companies. Hundreds of public and commercial companies in North America, Europe, South Africa and Asia use the products of Trapeze to enhance their efficiency, to improve the quality and the scope of their services and to transport more people safely at lower cost.


Our Vision

In a not-too-distant future, self-driven vehicles will tend to be the exception rather than the rule. In the field of individual transport, the significance of owning a car decreases as car sharing becomes more popular. In public transport, driverless vehicles will give rise to novel, more flexible mobility services. These complement and strengthen the existing fixed-route services, and make public transport move closer to passengers and their needs. As a result, the dependency of an increasingly large share of the population on motorised individual transport is either eliminated or significantly reduced.

The established transport operators stand to maintain their importance as providers of mobility services. On the one hand, fixed-route services are unlikely to be replaced on the main transit corridors. As a strong backbone of public transport services, their core role will be strengthened thanks to increased utilisation. On the other hand, public transport companies know the needs of their passengers because they are familiar with the local conditions and can define suitable services together with their client. And finally, also in the future, vehicle fleets will have to be procured, operated and maintained.

“Taxi” and “car pooling” – two separate modes of transport today – are expected to merge as driverless transport increases. The significance of “ride sharing” to the travelling public will increase. Flexible mobility options have become viable thanks to technology – self-driving vehicles, coupled with powerful cloud platforms combined with Smartphones.


Our Mission

Together with its partners, AMoTech is committed to a vanguard role of transforming autonomous mobility into a reality. The Mobility Lab at the Rhine Falls and the projects executed there are part of a global effort to further develop the technology and to put to practice what has become technically feasible. AMoTech is striving for an exchange of information with other pilot trials, to ultimately benefit everyone involved.

Through the projects it is executing at the Rhine Falls, AMoTech is helping to eliminate the need for special public transport permits for self-driving vehicles and a supervisory person on board.

Driverless vehicles will doubtlessly play an important part also in the area of individual transport. However, large centres in particular, with their traffic problems, require the expansion of public transport services. They cannot afford having public transport replaced by fleets of small autonomous pods that congest the inner cities. AMoTech ensures that novel public transport services are created on the basis of driverless vehicles of all sizes. Such new services reach new passengers who today use their own private vehicles, and thus strengthen public transport.